Banquet / Meeting

Information on day trip plans

For guests who can not stay overnight but want to enjoy hot springs and meals slowly,
We are preparing a day trip plan that can be used from 11 30:30 to 16.

Details of the plan

Weekdays only, reservation required

A great day trip plan


Monday to Friday weekdays only


Private Japanese-style room (room meal), lunch
Hot spring bath (with yukata, bath towel, face towel)


11:30 to 16:00


4,000 Yen / per person (service tax included)
* Available from 4 people

* There is a micro shuttle bus for more than 15 people
* Since we use seasonal ingredients, the contents may differ from the photos.

How to use the one-day plan

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Used for gatherings of clubs and lessons

It is used for launches and social gatherings in circles and lessons, and for dinners at various other meetings.


Used by a group of mom friends with infants

Because it is a private room (Japanese room) that is safe even for children with small children, you can spend a leisurely time without hesitation.


Used in senior circle

While having a chat together, we had a leisurely meal and bathed in a hot spring.


Used by 3 generation family

Children go to the amusement park with their father and mother. Grandpa and grandma take a hot spring and take a break in the room.