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In addition to the restaurant buffet that can be enjoyed by the whole family, there are a variety of unique restaurants where you can enjoy delicious food such as Japanese cuisine and cafes.
We have a restaurant that can be used in various situations.

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Restaurant fontana

Guidance of the thank-you plan for the restaurant when business is resumed

5月30日よりの営業再開にあたり、ホテルヴェルデの各レストランは、ご利用御礼の気持ちを込めて スペシャルプランで皆様をお迎えいたします。   ◆バイキングレストラン フォンターナ  ラ ン チ 大人・シニア @…


Measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases About restaurants

This is a measure to prevent the spread of new corona infections at restaurants when the business is restarted. Here is an example of the buffet restaurant Fontana. A splash-prevention shield is installed in the hall during settlement. The seats are side by side, avoiding face-to-face ...


2020 Information on the barbecue garden opening

5月1日 バーベキューガーデンオープンです! 営業日は金曜土曜GW、夏休みは毎日営業です。 10名様以上のご予約で平日の営業、20名以上でランチ営業も予約制で 行ないます。 食べ放題はもちろん、アルコールまで飲み放題、 …

Restaurant fontana

Restaurant fontana

  1. breakfast
  2. lunch
  3. dinner

A bright interior with plenty of natural light.
A buffet restaurant for the whole family.

Japanese cuisine Kotai

Japanese cuisine "Kodai"

  1. lunch
  2. dinner

Please enjoy the Japanese cuisine in which carefully selected ingredients of each season are finished using traditional techniques.

Green star

Cafe & Bar Green Star

  1. lunch
  2. dinner
  3. Bar

Italian cafe restaurant where popular daily lunch is popular.
You can also enjoy lunch, dinner, parfaits and cafe menus.

Lounge Trevi

Lounge Trevi

  1. Bar

From dusk when the Ferris wheel is dyed red, it is a luxurious space where you can spend a relaxing time.