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Healing time for daily fatigue

There are also facilities such as an esthetic salon where you can experience facials and treatments, and an open-air bath that boasts a gentle texture.
After relaxing in the hot springs, why not relax and rejuvenate your body and soul?
Please spend a luxurious time in the extraordinary space unique to the hotel.

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hot spring

Arao hot spring

A natural hot spring boasting a gentle texture with a slimy feel


salon de r

A variety of menus that can improve skin quality and worries

Arao hot spring

hot spring

Boasts a gentle, smooth texture

There are two types of baths, an indoor bath and an outdoor bath, and the spring quality is a simple alkaline spring. It is a natural hot spring boasting hot water that sticks to the trolley and skin.
A small waterfall that flows into the open-air bath and spreads out on the front wall creates a relaxing space with the warmth of the hot spring.
After playing hard at Greenland, why not heal your fatigue at the large natural hot spring bath?

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An open-air bath looking up at the open-air sky

A stair-like step fall spreads in front of you and enhances the healing effect.

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Smooth and comfortable indoor bath

We are proud of the soft touch with a slimy feel. It is a beautiful hot spring where your skin is smooth.

Spring quality Natural alkaline simple hot spring (pH9. 180) This hot spring boasts smooth and transparent hot water.
efficacy Neuralgia, muscular pain, arthralgia, 50 shoulders, motor paralysis, chronic digestive disease, hemorrhoids, coldness, fatigue recovery, health promotion
Use time Guest 6:00~9:00 / 11:00~24:00
Outpatient bath
(If you have a hot spring ticket)

* Free for hotel guests (shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are available at the public bath)
* Please bring the towels that are provided in the room.
* Outpatient bathing is only available to those who have a hot spring ticket.
* The hot spring ticket is given to those who use the meal plan with hot spring ticket at each restaurant.
* For those who are not staying, we will charge a rental bath towel fee of 200 yen.
  (Face towels are sold at the reception for 100 yen. You may bring your own.)

Salon de Earl

salon de r

We support your beauty

The salon name “R” means relaxing, refreshing, and recovering.
We hope that you will feel free from the fatigue and stress of your daily life with Balinese-style interiors and furniture on the high ceiling with an open feeling.
We also have a variety of menus that aim to improve skin quality and worries, so please let us know your concerns regardless of age or sex.

business hours 13:00 -20:00 (Opening hours are also possible if you contact us in advance)
Regular holiday Monday
reservation Direct TEL in charge of beauty salon: 080-8850-5660 (reservation required)
Guest menu Course A Aroma facial + head massage
60 minutes / 9,500 yen (tax excluded)
B course Aroma facial + body treatment
60 minutes / 10,000 yen (tax excluded)
C course Head massage + body treatment
60 minutes / 9,500 yen (tax excluded)
short Foot massage
15 minutes / 2,500 yen (excluding tax)

* Advance reservation is required.
* Discounts are not available for guest-only menus.
* You can also choose from the regular menu. For more information Official site Please refer to the.